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Reserve a date for your onsite training and receive a group discount.  Scheduling information for conferences and conventions below:

Parenting Seminar $250.00
90 minutes

Ten participants Onsite Training
10 staff members $450.00

Onsite Training
$525.00 10 clock hours

Onsite Training
$700.00 10 clock hours

Rebooking Onsite Training Fee
$100 Cancellation/Reschedule

HSOT LIVE Video conference workshop nonrefundable

Healthy and Happy Children (6 hours or 3 2-hour sessions)

Participants will gain a broad overview of the National Health and Safety Standards which promote the well being of children in educational environments (e.g. injury prevention strategies, exclusion guidelines for common childhood illnesses (i.e. asthma and allergies) and infectious diseases including MRSA and the H1N1 virus (swine flu), and guidelines for identifying risk factors and clues which indicate child maltreatment, prevention strategies and reporting procedures.

$30/pre-registered participant and $45 for walk-ins

The Way Kids Learn - Learning Styles (2 hours)

Participants discover keys to cultivating optimal development by identifying the unique learning styles of children and environmental factors which influence learning. Explore developmentally appropriate learning experiences which engage every learner.

$10/pre-registered participant and $15 for walk-ins

Reading is Fun-damental - (4 hours)

Learn fun and effective ways to implement early literacy learning experiences based upon current research and developmentally appropriate practices for children birth through grade three.

$20/pre-registered participants and $30 for walk-ins

Effective Discipline Principles and Techniques (4 hours or 2-2 hour sessions)

This workshop provides early childhood educators with principles of child development and appropriate behavioral expectations. The importance of positive teacher/child interactions, planning developmentally appropriate learning experiences, guidance techniques, and the importance of supporting the family are also addressed.

$20/pre-registered participants and $30 for walk-ins

Professionalism (21st Century Parents and Teachers) - (4 hours)

This workshop provides the early childhood educator with an understanding of the historical, philosophical, ethics and social foundations of the early childhood profession, and provides self-assessment opportunities, techniques which enhance family involvement and cultural sensitivity. Educators gain knowledge and skills to help problem solve and serve families in a professional manner.

$20/pre-registered participants and $30 for walk-ins

Administering and Planning Educational Programs for Young Children - (40 Hours) * 4 PLUs

This state credential for program directors covers the following topics: rules & regulations, legal issues, ethics, communication, child development, learning theories, strategic program planning, environmental rating scales, parent empowerment, anti-bias, professional development, accessing resources, staff selection and supervision, employment law and program/fiscal management (feasibility studies, budgeting, and funding).

Promotional rate $300 and $485 regular registration

Brain Based Instruction in the Developmentally Appropriate Classroom (4 hours)

A study of developmentally appropriate practices in the context of brain based teaching and learning for young children, birth through age 9. This workshop is an integrated curricular study of appropriate early childhood curriculum, materials, environments, assessments, expectations, instructional strategies, and considerations for early childhood educators. It is designed to enhance a participant's knowledge of brain research. Participants will explore ways to design brain-friendly and effective lesson plans using the latest scientific findings and discoveries. It prepares early educators by providing them with the essential elements needed to translate the biology of brain-based learning from theory into classroom practice.

$20/pre-registered participants and $30 for walk-ins

Classroom Management Strategy Toolbox - (4 hours or 2-2 hour sessions)

This workshop will explore the essential components of effective classroom management for the early childhood and elementary school-aged child (as defined by Robert Marzano). Teachers develop a menu of disciplinary interventions and strategies which include addressing personality and learning styles, developing age appropriate rules and procedures, and the importance of teacher-student relationships

$20/pre-registered participants and $30 for walk-ins

Every Child Learns Differently - (6 hours or 3-2 hour sessions)

This seminar quips early educators with differentiated instruction approaches to teaching and learning for preschool and primary students. Teachers learn to provide multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ideas.

$30/pre-registered participant and $45 for walk-ins

Money, Money, Money [Basic Grant Writing for Educators] - (4 hours or 2-2 hour sessions)

This workshop for both beginners and experienced grant writers helps them to develop ideas into winning proposals, target potential funders and understand the full proposal development, submission and review process. Participants should come with an idea for a grant proposal. By the end of the workshop, they will have an outline, resources necessary to expand the outline into a full proposal, strategies for finding funding and return to their schools with the knowledge and skills to receive the funds for organizational and community growth, vitality and sustainability.

$149 regular rate $99 promotional rate

Child Development Associate (120 hours) online or face-to-face

The CDA workshop prepares students for work in the early childhood care and education field. Courses are offered fully online and in a classroom format. Participants must be working with young children regularly either in a paid or volunteer position to fulfill their coursework requirements. It covers the growth and development of children birth to 5 years of age. The course is designed to be completed in 12 weeks; however, online candidates for the CDA may complete it in less time or take longer. The course is self-paced with a one year maximum completion time.

$1,275 regular rate face-to-face and $535 online

$375 promotional rate

We can complete a maximum of six hours of Bright From The Start training in a day. We usually complete the workshops on Saturdays (8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) or evenings.

Fee schedule: Group rates are available for 10 more pre-registered attendees. Super Saturdays require a minimum of six hours. Email the dates you are interested in and I will confirm availability asap.

The aforementioned rates are subject to change.

On site workshops are typically booked a minimum of 30 business days in advance. If the program is cancelled for any reason more than thirty (30) days prior to the agreed date, it is our policy to reschedule (within the reasonable time of 12 months) for the same fee without a cancellation fee. Should we be forced to cancel a training less than thirty days before the date of the training the full speaking fee is due and payable by the date of the original program. Pre-registered attendees may transfer registration and attend another workshop of the same length with pre-approval. All speaking engagements contain copyrighted material and may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written permission of Penn Consulting. Audio and/or video rights are negotiable. I look forward to working with your organization to enhance the quality of programs for Georgia's children.

Schedule your on site training for a group of ten or more staff members today and receive a discount. The registration must be submitted 30 business days in advance in order to reserve the date for your program. Mileage is $.565/diem for non-ACSI member schools outside a 50 mile radius.

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