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Classroom Management Strategy Toolbox and Planner $15.00
including shipping and taxes

Classroom Management Strategy Toolbox Planner
including shipping and handling $7.00

Classroom Management Strategy Toolbox $10
including shipping and taxes

Disorder [Exceptional Learners] Fact Sheet Booklet: For parents and teachers of exceptional children $10 including shipping and taxes

Early Education Program Administration Toolkit
Promotion $40.00 including shipping and handling

Effective Planning and Administering of Early Education Programs $50.00 including shipping and taxes

Equipping and Empowering Early Educators

The Christian Education Mandate $10 including shipping and taxes

Firmly Rooted: Cultivating Faith Development in the Next Generation $20.00

Purposeful Planner: Lesson planning tool, 2020-21 calendars, and more $25.00

Purposeful Play: Designing developmentally appropriate learning centers with intention $30.00

Women of Destiny 2020-21 Planner and Prayer Journal $20.00


A Very Present Help for Women of Faith-
30 Day Devotional $10.00 including shipping and handling

BULK ORDER $150.00
10 copies of both books
The Classroom Management Strategy Toolbox and the CMST Planner

10 copies of the Disorder Fact Sheet Booklet:
Instructional Strategies For Parents and Teacher of Exceptional Learners

10 copies of A Very Present Help Devotional

BULK ORDER $100.00
10 copies of He is: Planner and Journal

BULK ORDER $150.00
10 copies of The Christian Education Mandate
Intentionally cultivate faith development, develop Biblically Integrates lesson plans, and classroom management strategies.

Christian Education Mandate and Disorder Fact Sheet $15
Including shipping and taxes

Christian Education, Devotional, and Disorder Fact Sheet $25
Including Shipping and Handling


EE Program Administration Toolkit and Effective Planning and Admnistration Manual $79
Including Shipping and Handling

EE Program Administration Toolkit, Christian Education Mandate, Disorder Fact Sheet, and Effective Planning and Administration 4 books for $94
Including Shipping and Handling

Christian Education, EE Program Administration Toolkit, Planning and Administration Manual, Devotional, and Disorder Fact Sheet 5 books for $104 Including Shipping and Handling


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He is...Planner and Journal includes 2017-18 calendars that will lead you into a deeper relationship with the Great I AM! Each calendar is accompanied by scripture that leads you to reflect upon God's nature and character! $13.99

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Disorder Fact Sheet Resource Booklet

For parents and teachers of exceptional learners


Category: Nonfiction Education, Special education; Children with Disabilities; Learning and Behavioral Disorders

ISBN: 978-1492152262

Format: e paperback and e-book (Apple, Sony, Kindle, Kobo, Nook) 

Price: $9.99, today $5.00

Available from: and


Teaching students with disabilities is both a challenging and especially rewarding experience. This booklet provides fact sheets which list signs, symptoms, and research based instructional strategies for more than thirty disabilities or disorders.  It also contains an extensive glossary of special education terms and resources (including assessment tools).


Effective Planning and Administration of Early Education Programs


Category: Education, Administration, General

ISBN: 978-1500631178

Format:  paperback

Price: $59.00, today $40.00

Available from: and


Effective Planning and Administration of Early Education Programs is a training manual that provides the information necessary for early childhood education professionals to implement a high quality educational program for young children (birth through age twelve). The primary course objective is to equip participants with child care program planning and administration knowledge and skills (e.g. licensing, legal issues, child development, developmentally appropriate practices, marketing, budget, maintenance, staff development, parental/community relations, ethics, professionalism, diversity) in order to improve the quality of educational programs for young children.  As professional development, the course is approved for program administrators and early childhood educators pursuant to the University of Georgia’s training approval contract with Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning and Georgia Department of Education’s Office of Professional Learning. Any owner, board member, administrative staff member (e.g. Principal, Director, Afterschool coordinator, Extended Care Supervisor, summer enrichment Program Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Administrative Director, Athletic Program Director, and so forth), or program supervisor that makes decisions needs to complete the course.


Early Education  Program Administration Toolkit


Category: Education, Administration, General

ISBN: 978-1500631178

Format: paperback

Price: $59.00, today $40.00

Available from: and


Early education program administrators are charged with recruiting, supervising, serving students and staff, and enlisting community support. Whether you are beginning a new program or school year this entails assembling volumes of records. There are numerous forms to be adopted and this toolkit will make your job easier. It provides every tool needed to plan and administer a program that promotes optimal development in each stakeholder. The forms comply with current federal and state rules and regulations, in addition to the National Health and Safety Standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Board of Health. Using the toolkit will help protect your rights, save time, and money. Why re-invent the wheel when the work has already been done for you?


The Christian Education Mandate:

Equipping Kingdom Kids to Impact the World for Christ


Category: Christian Education, Homeschooling, Faith Development, Spiritual Formation, Teaching Methods and Materials.  

ISBN:   978-1492136743

Format: paperback and e-book (Apple, Sony, Kindle, Kobo, Nook) 

Price: $25.99, today $10.00

Available from: or


Discover Bible based education. This comprehensive manual contains expert advice for new and veteran Christian educators and administrators that are interested in seeing transformation in their students. Topics include: spiritual formation, faith development, classroom management, parent-teacher relationships, differentiated instruction strategies, lesson planning, exceptional learners, children in missions and ministry, and more.

A Very Present Help:  A 30 Day Devotional for Women of Faith

Category: Christian Women, Spiritual Life, Prayers and Devotions 

ISBN:  978-1500700782

Format:  paperback and e-book (Apple, Sony, Kindle, Kobo, Nook) 

Price: $9.99, today $5.00

Available from: or


Have you ever felt that you were all alone in life's trials?  This devotional encourages women of faith to embrace the seasons of life with the assurance that God is faithful.  He will never leave or forsake you.  You can be confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.  Each day's reading encourages meditation upon Bible truths and promises of God's presence, protection, power, and provision to survive anything that life throws your way.  Journal prompts and scripture confessions are a bonus!



About the Author


Althea Penn (M.Ed.Adm., NAC, PDS) is a conference speaker and professional development specialist with over thirty years of experience in education as a teacher, principal, and Children's ministry leader.  She has a passion for children and those who serve them. She is an inspirational communicator and holds two masters degrees in Education Administration, a degree in Organization Development, and is a nationally certified administrator. This well-rounded background equips her to share as she regularly conducts seminars and leadership workshops.  She is a featured conference speaker and an educational consultant who has trained thousands of board members, owners, and program directors of preschools and private schools.  Althea is married to her best friend and high school sweetheart. They are the parents of two adult children.


Penn Consulting is an education consulting firm specializing in professional development for early childhood educators. We provide motivating staff development and business consulting for administrators and teachers of programs for young children. Our objectives are to ensure optimal development of children by developing programs that engage every learner.  We work with you to improve processes and performance in order to promote student achievement and program sustainability.  We provide organization development services (including strategic planning, licensing, grant writing, and accreditation consultation) for those seeking to start private schools, preschools, afterschool programs, and other educational institutions. 


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"It's often said that rearing a happy, healthy, well adjusted child is one of the most demanding and challenging of all human endeavors.  Fortunately, it's also the most rewarding."
Adapted from The American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child's Symptoms